How do I use the Copy Time from Previous Week option on mobile?


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    Nicky Clark

    When using the mobile app, it's only possible to copy timesheets from the last calendar week into the current calendar week. To use the function correctly, ensure you have valid time entries entered into last week, and that the time entries are for the same placement(s) you're working on in the current week. 

    If you're wanting to copy time for an older week, rather than just copying last week into the current week, this can only be done in the main Invoxy app at on a tablet or larger device. 

    There are three main cases where you might not be able to copy time on the mobile app.

    In the first instance, the option itself might be greyed out, as seen here:

    This means that you don't have any placements for the current week, so wouldn't be able to validly copy time into this week. If the placement should still be active, an admin will need to check the end date is valid.

    Another error that can appear is 'You are not authorised to Copy Time for the provided Users'. 

    This usually just means there are no time entries falling in last week, so there's nothing for Invoxy to copy forward to the current week. 

    Last but not least, the function might appear to work correctly, but some or all of the time entries aren't actually copied to the current week. This can happen if:

    • There are overlapping time entries - any entries from last week which even partially overlap with a time entry in the current week won't be copied forward. 
    • The placement your time was recorded against last week has ended. This can occur if a new placement has been created for an extension or rate change. Check with your payroll administrator if you're not sure if this is correct. 

    In any of the cases above, try logging into the main portal on a tablet or computer at to see if that helps. 

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